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Panicakes and Serum (2006)


Panicakes and Serum was recorded in late 2005-early 2006. The lineup was Jon Navarro (synth/vocals), Jon Grothman (drums) and myself (bass/guitar/vocals). Most of these songs were written as expansions upon some earlier demos that Navarro and I had recorded. Our friend Reni Tulsi recorded us for the bass, drums and synth at our practice space in downtown Pomona. I recorded the guitar and vocals and did the mixing at my uncle’s house in Reseda, where I was staying at the time. The CD was released at a show at the Smell on April 14th, 2006.

I think we burned about 25 copies of this album on CD-Rs. The mix was a bit rushed, in order to have the album finished in time for the release show. I basically finished mixing these songs and burned the CD-Rs on the day of the release. At the venue, we were literally gluing the packaging together and assembling the albums as they sold. The other guys in the band never had a chance to hear the final mix before the release. I remember Grothman wasn’t too happy with it after listening, and I never really felt it was finished either. We took a break from the band a few months after the release, and never got around to more mixing. When Navarro and I eventually got back to writing new tracks, we decided not to play these songs anymore.

Although there are still some things I’d like to change with the mix, I do enjoy listening to the album the way it is. Without trying to describe how it sounds too much, I find it has some really great moments and a janky vibe. -DK


so it goes

i wont sugar coat it too much… basically, we’ve disbanded and will be focusing on other projects. we had a good run. i have learned so much about the world and myself in the last 9 years since we started this thing. i have met the most amazing and inspirational people and had many memorable experiences while playing in this band. it’s been real. really.

maybe i’ll reflect more on this later, but it’s time to move on and i am truly excited for the future.

indefinitely yours,

Halloween with Stab City as of Montreal

This Halloween I had the pleasure of playing keys with Stab City and drummer John Montgomery as of Montreal. It was so fun to let loose on stage playing these songs and rocking out with these guys. Check out the video of our set at the Echo. -dustin

BEX FEST 2011 /// OCT 8th

We’ll be playing at Five Stars Bar after the Downtown LA Art Walk next Thursday for The Hear Gallery’s AFTER WALK. Hope to see you there! rsvp on facebook


(8:00pm) Unit K7
(8:45pm) Ballerina Black
(9:30pm) The Burning of Rome
(10:15pm) SISU
(11:00pm) Halloween Swim Team
(11:45pm) Morose
(12:30am) The Tleilaxu Music Machine


-Tyler Floren
-Shannon Amadeus
-Danny Ochoa

-Dario (Animal Style)
-Jreg Gordon (Audiocide & Detroit)

-Love’s Life (Hear Gallery)

The Hear Gallery
LA Phun
Animal Style
The 5 Star Bar

8 pm – 2 am
$5 18 & OVER

Plus Drink Specials On Beer!!!
from 9pm to 11pm!!!
$4 PBR (24oz)
$3 Bud Lite, Budweiser, & Miller Hight Life (12oz)

All Happening @ The 5 Star Bar
267 S. Main Street
(on the corner of Main & 3rd st.)
Los Angeles, CA 90012

New album: ANTENNAAA

Our album ANTENNAAA is now available to download. Pay what you like. Pay nothing if you like. Get it here on bandcamp.

ANTENNAAA full album stream:

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Urinal Video Game Concept

Game on.

I never knew about me

let us know what you think thanks

Moon Block Party 2011 Set Times

We are pretty excited to be playing Pomona’s first annual Moon Block Party on Saturday June 11th. We’ve been prepping some new video projections for our set. Our set time is 8:45pm at The AEROLITE stage (2nd St Sculpture). Full schedule is below. Hope To see you all there!

Kid is straight trippin’

there’s plenty more where this came from… tarako commercials… not acid.