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New album: ANTENNAAA

Our album ANTENNAAA is now available to download. Pay what you like. Pay nothing if you like. Get it here on bandcamp.

ANTENNAAA full album stream:

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ANTENNAAA.LP coming soon. pizzaaa party.

Last year, we finished recording an album called ANTENNAAA. But near the end of the year, things got kind of rocky for the band. Basically, without going into detail, a number of circumstances prevented us from releasing the album as was planned.

Having been working on the project for so long, we were a bit discouraged with our situation at the end of last year. We decided to leave the ANTENNAAA album behind us for the time being and began writing new material. We were briefly a four piece. However, this weekend, it has been decided that we carry on as a three piece and continue with our plans to release ANTENNAAA.

That being said, I’m excited to proceed in finishing this project that has been in the works for a solid two years. and I’m also excited to have some other material in the works which should follow the ANTENNAAA release. Anyways, I figure what better way to celebrate this news than with a pizzaaa party.

ANTENNAAA.iii EP release:: Sept 25 @ Echo Curio

Saturday, Sept 25

Halloween Swim Team
60 Watt Kid
DJ: Keith Richards

food: Vegan Goodies

$5 tarot readings: Akira Thompson

Echo Curio
1519 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

9pm / $5 donations / all ages

HST ANTENNAAA.iii EP release show. This is the third in our iii part ANTENNAAA.ep series released on How To Be A Microwave.


Pitch Black (music video)

Here is our video for “Pitch Black”



lost soul i: Dustin
lost soul ii: Jon
lost soul iii: Scott
mystical bunny wabbit: Elephant
robots appear as themselves

dir/edit: Dusty Clouds
dp: Joshua Clarkson

ANTENNAAA.ep is 3 part series…

Just want to address and clarify some confusion regarding our upcoming EP releases.. Originally we wanted to release every track of ANTENNAAA as a 6 part EP series, but then the execs at the record label (aka: our left brains) chimed in and made us realize that if we did that, nobody would buy the actual album when it was released as a whole.. They suggested that we make ANTENNAAA.ep a limited run 3 part series w/ bonus tracks, and to save some tracks to be included exclusively on the album. We then compared 6 to 3. We found that 6 was at least twice the amount of 3. Our conclusion was that if we released 3 EPs instead of 6, we would have our work cut in half by roughly 50%.. So when the record label execs brought this idea to the table, we agreed.

Being Two Places At Once

“Being Two Places At Once”
Halloween Swim Team
dir: Dusty Clouds