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New album: ANTENNAAA

Our album ANTENNAAA is now available to download. Pay what you like. Pay nothing if you like. Get it here on bandcamp.

ANTENNAAA full album stream:

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Indiangold Records Compilation “In Heat”

We have a track featured on In Heat, a compilation put together by Indiangold Records. In Heat features bands from Mexico, the US, and Italy. Check out Indiangold and download the comp for free from their website.

In Heat Indiangold Records, 2011

1 Science Fiction – Halloween Swim Team [US]
2 Vampire – Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! [ITA]
3 Endless Summer [Jacob Safari Mix] – Batwings Catwings [US]
4 The Meeting – Letters From Readers [MX]
5 He Sits Down To Piss – Farrows [US]
6 Annie Dee – Bizzart [US]
7 Before The Horse Fall – Jung Sing [MX]
8 Tig Ol Bitties – Stripper Pussy [US]
9 1986 – Maria y Jose [MX]
10 Greasy Pigs Palm – King Honky Tonk [US]
11 Buzz Killer – Vampire Slayer [MX]
12 Sometime – Señuelo [MX]

free mp3: “Look Back In Anger” (David Bowie cover)

This is our cover of David Bowie’s “Look Back In Anger” which came out a while ago on “We Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie” (Manimal Vinyl, 2010). I highly suggest getting the whole compilation as it has some great tracks by some great bands, my favorite of which being Megapuss’s cover of “Sound And Vision”. All proceeds from the comp go to the War Child charity organization. The original version can be found on Bowie’s Lodger, part of the Berlin Trilogy recorded with Brian Eno.