so it goes

i wont sugar coat it too much… basically, we’ve disbanded and will be focusing on other projects. we had a good run. i have learned so much about the world and myself in the last 9 years since we started this thing. i have met the most amazing and inspirational people and had many memorable experiences while playing in this band. it’s been real. really.

maybe i’ll reflect more on this later, but it’s time to move on and i am truly excited for the future.

indefinitely yours,


3 responses to “so it goes

  1. Aussie Bloke

    Disbanded? Bugger! I stumbled across The End Of The Sky a few years back and absolutely loved it. Was hoping you guys would release another album this year… oh well, not to be. Know that your music made it as far as Australia where it made at least one person very happy 🙂

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