Monday May 30 w/ Starskate, Fafafa, N O W and Pursuit Utopia


Saturday May 28: Pomona Public Library Support Show

We are playing this “Starving for Knowledge” event on Saturday in support of the Pomona Public Library. Hope you can make it out.

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LA Record: Judgement Day Mixtape

For those of you still stuck here on earth with us, we’re on this Judgement Day mixtape, free to download from LA RECORD.


Bloody Death Skull – Judgment Day
Nostalghia – Cool For Chaos
Halloween Swim Team – Science Fiction
Peter Himmelman – The Pigeons Couldn’t Sleep
Ash Reiter – 2012
Mexicans With Guns – Death And Rebirth
Jenny O – Earth Has Won
The Silent League – Here’s A Star
Yacht – Dystopia
William Strangeland – Last Breath
The Rock N Roll – November Rain
Crystal Antlers – Parting Song For The Torn Sky
Bobby Blunders – Wound Too Tight
Nihiti – Who Will Be Your Messenger
Sister Mantos – Fin Del Mundo Yankee
The Thermals – Here’s Your Future
National Park System – Sad And Fucked (Not Moving)
5-Track – A Beautiful Song About The End Of The World
DRVGDEALER – Smoke Lightning Fuck Unicorns

ANTENNAAA.LP coming soon. pizzaaa party.

Last year, we finished recording an album called ANTENNAAA. But near the end of the year, things got kind of rocky for the band. Basically, without going into detail, a number of circumstances prevented us from releasing the album as was planned.

Having been working on the project for so long, we were a bit discouraged with our situation at the end of last year. We decided to leave the ANTENNAAA album behind us for the time being and began writing new material. We were briefly a four piece. However, this weekend, it has been decided that we carry on as a three piece and continue with our plans to release ANTENNAAA.

That being said, I’m excited to proceed in finishing this project that has been in the works for a solid two years. and I’m also excited to have some other material in the works which should follow the ANTENNAAA release. Anyways, I figure what better way to celebrate this news than with a pizzaaa party.

You hurt my precious beautiful leg

Cathy’s House is the strangest video I’ve stumbled upon in the last 15 minutes or so since i stopped watching kinky porn for the day. Strange as it is, I’d rather live in Cathy’s House over Barbie’s.

Punch, Punch, Punch!!! Chop! Chop!!

Photos from April 2nd @ Aladdin Jr II

Some pics from our set at Aladdin Jr II in Pomona earlier this month. Thanks to all who everyone who made it happen and came out to the show.

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Live Videos from Pehrspace 4.25.11

We played mostly newer stuff this past Monday at Pehrspace. Big thanks to Sean Carnage for putting the show together and to Amir Coyle, Stay Cool Forever, Felt Drawings and Dadfag who also played. Here are some clips of our set:

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Monday April 25 @ Pehrspace

We are playing at Pehrspace this Monday w/ Felt Drawings, Dadfag, Amir Coyle and our label mates Stay Cool Forever. The show is presented by Sean Carnage

Dusty Clouds Guest DJing on KXLU 4/15 2011

I’ll be guest DJing here on KXLU 88.9FM in just a little bit on Maki’s show between now and 3pm. Tune in

Hallow Face Mask Video.

dude i’m trippin out on this hallow face Charlie Chaplin mask thingy: