LA Record: Judgement Day Mixtape

For those of you still stuck here on earth with us, we’re on this Judgement Day mixtape, free to download from LA RECORD.


Bloody Death Skull – Judgment Day
Nostalghia – Cool For Chaos
Halloween Swim Team – Science Fiction
Peter Himmelman – The Pigeons Couldn’t Sleep
Ash Reiter – 2012
Mexicans With Guns – Death And Rebirth
Jenny O – Earth Has Won
The Silent League – Here’s A Star
Yacht – Dystopia
William Strangeland – Last Breath
The Rock N Roll – November Rain
Crystal Antlers – Parting Song For The Torn Sky
Bobby Blunders – Wound Too Tight
Nihiti – Who Will Be Your Messenger
Sister Mantos – Fin Del Mundo Yankee
The Thermals – Here’s Your Future
National Park System – Sad And Fucked (Not Moving)
5-Track – A Beautiful Song About The End Of The World
DRVGDEALER – Smoke Lightning Fuck Unicorns


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