Today Is Tuesday

I came home from work today to my new place and before i was able to get on the elevator to get up to my floor the fire alarm went off. Apparently there was a fire drill. So i couldn’t go up to my studio. I decided to walk around the block. got a burrito then went and stopped for a coffee and caught up on some texting.

on my way back, one of the streets was blocked off. people were crowded on the corner watching coroner van clearing up a dead body. a passerby mentioned that it was a jumper and that there a was a lot of blood. i was tempted to get a glimpse but didn’t try to hard and kept walking back towards home.

when i got back, the fire drill was over so i went up to my studio and caught up on some label/band/dj business what have you for a couple hours. Craving a smoke, i went down and outside my building and was promptly bummed for a cigarette by some dude standing outside.  As soon as I gave him a cigarette, he started yelling “ONE NATION!!!” over and over again, then started singing a bunch of other meaningless crap. I wish I could have recorded it.  I was quite entertained so i sat there listening to him bellow. I assume he was high on crack, but i really have no idea.

I finished my cig and walking by “my new buddy”, tried to give him some props on his vocal abilities, but i was totally left hanging as he kept yelling, probably having pretty much forgotten that i was the dude that give him a cigarette.. or maybe he didn’t give a shit. i then realized that the door back into my building was locked. Rather than endure the embarrassment of turning around and walking back in front of everyone who saw my failed attempt at a fist pump, I kept walking down the block. I turned the corner and went down to walk along another street and realized i had trekked too far. This was not a place for a little scarf sporting bitch like myself to be walking alone at night. Usually I’m not too fearful out and about but this time, since I was alone, I was pretty nervous.

By the time i realized I had gone to far, it was too late to turn around for fear that I might alert or offend any of the vagrants and attract more attention. Thankfully, I made it to the next block and quickly turned walking swiftly back towards my street.

In order to create some sort of purpose for this curious trip, I stopped at a cafe, ordered a hot tea and went back up to my place, got on my computer and followed a facebook ad geared to my personal tastes and found myself reading about the Radiohead 01 to 10 playlist and supposed 9/11 prophecies found in Kid A songs and artwork. Both of these were less than spectacular experiences. But maybe I should try listening to the 01 and 10 playlist… on weeeed.

So, now I’m wondering why I started writing this, i guess to say that having moved into a new place, I am quite inspired by my new surroundings. Today is Tuesday and I feel pretty good.


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