#manimal fest 2010

i only have a few photos on my phone of this year’s Manimal Fest at Pappy And Harriet’s. but this is pretty much how it all went down:

Jon looked thru a hole in the wall and i took a picture of him.

Scott and our friend Alex watched bands and i grabbed a shot of them

Our buddy Josh Clarkson was filming some things, so i shot him.

We watched some bands and I charged my phone with that extension cord there on the floor then i took a picture of it.

Here’s a shot of Afghan Raiders who sounded great. For whatever reason I didn’t think of taking pics of all the bands, so this is my only band shot from the fest. (The sound guys did a really great job all day, btw)

We had some trouble with the TV in our hotel room. Josh managed to grab some footage of us trying to get it working. #wasted

All in all, we had a blast from the time we got there until we left. It was great seeing so many of our friends from the area and also hanging with the other bands who played. Big thanks to Paul and the whole Manimal crew for having us out the play this year!


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