Halloween Swim Team Completes EP Trilogy – The Deli (9/27/10)

Here’s a write up on the ANTENNAAA.ep series by Karla Hernandez at The Deli:

Halloween Swim Team Completes EP Trilogy

As a precursor to the next full-length release by Halloween Swim Team, the band is tantalizing fans with a 3-part EP series called ANTENNAAA.ep. Parts one and two were released earlier this summer with the last installment released yesterday, September 25th, at the band’s Echo Curio show.

The trio highlights tracks from the upcoming album ANTENNAAA on each EP, as well as bonus remixes, live recordings, and other studio experiments. With all members on synthesizers, Halloween Swim Team creates a wide spectrum of buoyant, intergalactic moods. The ANTENNAAA.ii EP contains a spoken word track called “They Got Computers.i” and label mate Michael Nhat raps over beats that sounds like they are going through a time warp on “Make Them Die Slowly.”

The members of Halloween Swim Team are known for their DIY ethics as well as starting Los Angeles’ Vermont House, host to rising bands such as Crystal Antlers, Abe Vigoda, and Japanther. Halloween Swim Team are scheduled to perform at the Manimal Festival on October 2nd along with The Like, Swahili Blonde, Afghan Raiders, and Love Grenades. Never a dull moment, the band contributed a cover of “Look Back In Anger” on the new David Bowie tribute album released by Manimal Vinyl.

-Karla Hernandez


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