ANTENNAAA.ep is 3 part series…

Just want to address and clarify some confusion regarding our upcoming EP releases.. Originally we wanted to release every track of ANTENNAAA as a 6 part EP series, but then the execs at the record label (aka: our left brains) chimed in and made us realize that if we did that, nobody would buy the actual album when it was released as a whole.. They suggested that we make ANTENNAAA.ep a limited run 3 part series w/ bonus tracks, and to save some tracks to be included exclusively on the album. We then compared 6 to 3. We found that 6 was at least twice the amount of 3. Our conclusion was that if we released 3 EPs instead of 6, we would have our work cut in half by roughly 50%.. So when the record label execs brought this idea to the table, we agreed.


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