Hipsters Who Heart Hip Hop mixtape

We’ve been included on a Hipsters Who Heart Hip Hop mixtape called Music for Hipsters to Heart To. Mixed by DJ Stereotype. Download it from it from the HHHH site.

track listing:

Space Cadalack – What (Remix)
Black Bird – Come On
Awol One & Factor – Celebrate
Mestizo – Let It Spray
Rheteric – Hard Feelings… See More
Dark Time Sunshine – E.R (Feat. Maggie Morrison Of Digitata & Lookbook)
Existereo & Deeskee – Cry Me A River
Ceschi – Fallen Famous
Busdriver – Man Baby (Prod. By Flying Lotus)
60 Watt Kid – Golden Travels
Dibiase – Supaguilty (Instrumental)
Cleen -Amilli
Tobacco – Fresh Hex
Gajah – The FizIntuition – Al Bundy
Rough Kids – Why So Serious
MC – Sirah And Dj Hoppa
Open Mike Eagle – Unapologetic (Feat. Nocando)
Bizzart – Ghost (Nobody Remix)
Baths – Maximalist
Mika Miko – I Got A Lot (New New New)
Ratatat – Party With Children
Halloween Swim Team – Numb (Kid Astro Remix)
Ex Patriots – Small Obsession
2Mex – Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
White Fence -Destroy Everything
Pizza – Griffith Park Fire
Michael Nhat – Outlaw


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