Fun & Games in Davis

Reporting from here in Fortuna. Last night we played at The Barn ran by the dudes from Shark Sandwich. We’re about to leave for Portland tonite.

On Saturday we played at UC Davis for the annual Picnic Day Festival. We played on the KDVS stage and the monkey played in the arcade. Shoutouts to Molly (Poppet), who set us up with the show and played an amazing set. Also to Evan, who took us to dinner at his parents’ house where met some chickens and learned a thing or two about the art of quilting. We also hung out with Yoshitake Expe, the space guitarist from Japan and all around super nice guy. Here are some pics from the last couple days:

KDVS Stage lineup:


Yoshitake Expe

Monkey and a joystick:

us chillin’ at Poppet’s crib.

the chickens

Btw, The Barn in Fortuna really is a barn, on a farm, in Fortuna. They have sheep:

and a nice view:

the ocean is right behind those clouds.

alright. we’s got to get on the road for Portland… so that’s all we have for now yo.. We’ll get some video’s up soon


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