Easter 2010 in Mexicali

We had a lot of shows last week, two shows in Pomona, a couple in LA, two more in Riverside and then one in Mexicali. It felt like a tour. I was feeling pretty haggard by the time we were hanging out in Riverside. Still it was a fun week of playing shows and seeing a lot of our friends. It was an especially exciting trip to Mexicali on Saturday night, as we don’t get to head down there too often. My grandma didn’t want me to go, but I knew we’d be alright as we were in good hands with our ambassador, Anthony, who set up the show which went smoothly. Monaco Bar has Duff Beer. So that was pretty awesome. I definitely want to give a shout-out to Tron who played a rad set wearing pig masks with projections of slaughter house footage playing behind them.

Easter day (the next day) was a trip. We went back into Mexicali from Anthony’s place in Calexico, got some lunch and souvenirs. For myself, I bought a neon monkey toy thing and a deck of playing cards for a game I’ve still yet to learn. Then, oddly enough, we opted for some Chinese food.

The Earthquake

After lunch we headed back across the border and got ready to leave. Right as we were saying our goodbyes, the earthquake hit. And it was an amazing experience in so many ways. First, a slow rumble that grew into violent shaking. I head glass shattering and quick explosions from what I’m guessing were gas tanks or something. Thankfully we were already outside as the world wobbled. It was shaking so hard that we were wondering if the ground was going to split open. I started contemplating exactly how close to the ocean we were, and thoughts of swimming in Arizona Bay came to mind. Yeah dude, that’s how crazy it was.

After the earthquake, the ground swayed a little bit for a few minutes and we gathered our ourselves and changed our pants. jk. Thankfully everyone in our crew was alright. However there was a casualty in Anthony’s house as the TV set had fallen right onto his coffee table… So that was a bummer. Still, it could have been a lot worse, and we’re glad everyone in our crew was alright and we hope the best for those who were injured.

The power went out across the whole city and needless to say it was a little chaotic as we were leaving and went into the gas station, which was rationing the gas. We managed to get enough gas to get to Indio, where we kicked it with my grandma and grandpa who made us some dinner and said “See, I told you Mexico was dangerous!” Ha.


3 responses to “Easter 2010 in Mexicali

  1. Crazy shit! I can’t believe you guys were there!

  2. Hilarious you are.

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