New song up: “Pitch Black”

We have a new song up on our myspace. Its called “Pitch Black” and it will be on the next album. We recorded it at home and I did the mixing. Isaac (Cardio Pulmonary) did the mastering. It will be available on iTunes soon.

LA RECORD says: “Halloween Swim Team’s new single, “Pitch Black,” is now available for streaming from their website. Self-described as “electronic space pop prog kraut suck,” Halloween Swim Team definitely has an unusual sound. Plus, they’ve got some great music videos. Check out the video for “Thin Airlines” from their last release, The End of the Sky, for a truly strange and psychedelic mix of floating cats, swirling keyboards, and tiger finger puppets. That video alone is reason enough to check out their latest single.

“Pitch Black” has a synthpop feel with electronic drum beats that are somehow both charming and abrasive. It’s far catchier than their previous work, with an air of confidence that surely translates into their live shows.


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