Nov 4, 5, 8 w/ The Chinese Stars & Sensitive Hearts

We’re pretty excited about our shows coming up next week with The Chinese Stars and Sensitive Hearts from Rhode Island. If you’re not familiar with The Chinese Stars, you should know that the band features members from Arab Or Radar. Quick sentimental sidenote: One of the first shows Jon and I ever went to, before even forming HST, was at the Glasshouse when The Locust, Arab On Radar, Lightning Bolt and Moving Units played. It was quite and eye opening experience for a first show. And we feel quite privileged to be opening for The Chinese Stars. Here is one of their new videos:

Their record label: Anchor Brain

the shows:

also: @ Che Cafe in San Diego on Sunday Nov 8th.

aand you can hear a track from their latest album this free How To Be A Microwave Compilation.

big thanks to rusty jordan and dan nguyen for making the flyers for these shows


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