woo it’s Columbus Day yeah

this guy

this guy

everybody give it up for the guy who brought confusion to America and the world that still prevails today and will prolly continue forever knowing how people are when it comes to requests for ‘unnecessary’ change.

with this post, I take this time once every year to refer to my campaign to correct the world of the incorrect labeling of those people who are native to a particular land as “indigenous” or “indians”.

not Indians

not Indians

so yeah, Indians are people from India and everybody else out there who is not from India or an Indian is not an Indian or indigenous, because only Indians can be indigenous to their own land of India. I don’t think I or anyone has the right to claim indigenousness or
indigenity if I or anyone is not native to India indigenously.

before I go I will at least offer just a couple synonyms that I was able to unearth for those who may be willing to try not to further mistakenly refer to those who were the first to inhabit their particular land.

not from India

not from India




I realize that the first one may not roll off the tongue quite as smooth and silky but using it over the wrong other option should prove to be a challenge that you will find rewarding in the grand scheme.

Thank you for your time and I’m confidently sure that you will be greeted with appreciation the next time you properly address one of these individuals of which I have written of.

Stay tuned for my upcoming rant regarding Mexican Independence Day and Cinco De Mayo… but oh wait, that already happened last month.



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