This is what happens when you need to kill a half hour and know photoshop:


(and no it didnt take me a half hour to do this.. i still have 25 minutes left to kill.. and Jon, just be glad i didn’t come across an advertisement for shemale pornography….

oh shoot, now we’re gonna pop up whenever someone searches for shemale porn… i should probably stop typing shemale porn.. Please don’t come to this site if you are looking for shemale porn. There is no shemale porn at this site. We have nothing against shemales.. or porn… but we just don’t want you to be disappointed when you visit this site and find that it contains no pictures of shemales or porn… Its just a picture of Jon and i cropped his head into a photo of some really ripped dude… Oh btw did anyone see Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night… he was really on his game, one of the better shows he’s done.. They had this awesome head swap sketch.. which is probably where i got the idea for Jon’s head swap.. And then they had mustaches fighting…)

Alright, well that killed about 15 minutes.



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