Thanks to everyone who came out to the show this Saturday at Werewolf Gallery / 4300 Loft. We played the show with Michael Nhat, Grandpire and Magick Orchids who all played awesome sets. It was great to see so many friends and meet some new people. Such a fun night. There’s a review of the show on LA Record written by Michael Cameron. Here’s what they said about us:

…Halloween Swim Team took the stage next, and from the very start of their set the trio made the gallery setting their own, creating an impressive atmosphere with their vintage synths and melodies that instantly rope you in. Their confident presence and well crafted songs gave them the air of a band performing at one of L.A.’s large theaters. I would describe their sound as somewhat similar to experimental synthpop, although not entirely unclassifiable, it would be hard to describe with a list of less than ten bands, though some touchstones that immediately come to mind are Air, Can and Suicide. In my mind HST are easily one of the best new bands in L.A. Their recordings are great, but their live show adds a rawness and intensity to their extremely unique sound that sets them apart from all other comers…..

– Michael Cameron

Oh silly me, I almost forgot.. Here’s a picture of a cloned monkey that kinda looks like a mugshot:


have a nice day.



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