LA Record live review

Hey alright! LA Record posted a review of our set at the Hive Gallery a few weeks ago. Here’s what Mr. Ron Garmon had to say about us:

Tonight, I had a long-delayed rendezvous with Halloween Swim Team at the Hive Gallery downtown. The place was jammed with sexy girls, peacock males and artists plastered close by their canvases, fearing to step into the slow-coursing river of humanity. I leaned against a pillar as the P.A. disgorged side two of War’s 1973 funkbomb Deliver the Word, and watched the room haze over with human steam. Eventually HST went on, their triple-synth approach to otherworldy harmonics gently bringing all else to a halt. Such lattice-like compositions front a rockist aesthetic apparent by both intensity of emotion evoked and a flair for retro-percussion.

You can read the full article here:


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