is Bill Clinton a superhero? and if he is, what is his superhero name?

only he can show up unannounced on a ‘private’ visit to a country that forbids foreign visitors, arriving to the greeting on the tarmac by the country’s leader who rarely makes appearances, let alone smiling with arms wide open in welcome and accompanied by a flower girl. he hangs out for drinks and a dinner which prolly consisted of Kobe beef with all of the trimmings while the nation is plagued with one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world, a result of the effect of sanctions imposed by the international community for non-compliance with treaties that were agreed upon by it and the rest of the governments of the first-world.

Clinton emerged victorious with the release of the two prisoners who were thought doomed to years of hard-labor in the country’s prison camps.

all of this is utterly amazing, but what happens next? was North Korea just rewarded for its rogue behavior? what was so particular and special about these two prisoners? are the recently captured three Americans in Iran going to receive similar treatment? could any former U.S. President been as successful? what happens if there is no success next time? is the United States negotiating with terrorists?

I wish to now nominate and cast my vote for Bill Clinton, leader of the one-free world-government, for it seems like he has a power that is so special and tremendous that he can make magick things happen, superceding all rules and regulations and overcoming all obstacles, all with a calm, cool, and composed demeanor that eminates positive vibrations and brings smiles and good cheer everywhere he travels.

[please insert nifty photo-shopped image/illustration here]


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