Melted Cassettes are our best friends in Tempe, Arizona

David and Mike aka Melted Cassettes are pretty effin cool, and so is their road support crew (Chris- just one person, no less cool at all though). They very recently came through our city and we were fortunate enough to house them during the course of their stay. They played a couple of shows in Van Nuys and in Long Beach and we did our best to make them feel welcome and appreciated: We cooked for them, connected them with the local psh, took them to the beach, lost our spectacles together, guided them to their shows, tucked them in at nite… it was a real bonding experience.

We were sad when it came time to see them go, but they will be back again soon to the play at The Smell on August 19th.

In the meantime, please check them out and if you can track it down, listen to my favorite song of theirs, ‘Sounds From Hell, Vol.1’.

Melted Cassettes

Melted Cassettes



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