Thoughts on Recording // Remixes // Ewok

Well, I’m now convinced that we have enough material to work with to start really getting down to recording this next album.. Honestly, the past couple months have not been as productive as we had hoped. We’ve been recording, don’t get me wrong. But we’ve been doing it slowly.. Most bands seem to go into a studio and spend a couple weeks in there to record an album. We here at HST seem to be taking our sweet time. I guess that’s one of the perils of recording yourself at home; that is, when you’re not paying for studio time you have little pressure to produce quickly. And its not so much a matter of laziness as it is a matter of waiting to be inspired sometimes. And personally, I feel a bit overwhelmed having set out to record a an entire freaking concept album this summer. We’ve been recording bits and pieces of 10+ songs here and there, writing and recording and re-writing and re-recording as we go. Things are coming along, songs are taking shape, lyrics are making their way, but nothing is quite finished yet. Basically, I can’t wait until just about every thing has been recorded so i can mix the shit out of this record.

And I guess the reason I decided to write this is not only to vent, but to encourage myself to get going again with some serious recording this week. My computer started crashing last week as i sat down to get a bunch of stuff recorded. I was bummed. But i just got it fixed. And I suppose it was a blessing in disguise because we ended up jamming with drum beats from one of my little dinky keyboards and made some nice little live demos to work with. And I’m positive that some of the stuff will make its way to the album in some way, shape or form. So uh, that’s cool. And i now feel like we have enough songs in the works to really fill out the album

So in conclusion, I’m glad to have my computer back.

❤ Dust

ps.. yeah, more remixes are coming soon to our myspace too.. obviously i couldn't post them up there without my computer.. look for another download tonite or tomorrow

and now, here’s an autographed photo of an Ewok:



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