Usually I don’t like preachy songs dedicated to addressing others’ music or just music in general. Sometimes its cool (keep reading) but usually I don’t like when musicians make tons of obvious references to their songs or others’ songs or styles. Unless its done in a clever sneaky way (and not too much). Y’know what i mean?

I’m hating on the songs that tell you how to be punk, or talk about how punk they are or in hip hop, with songs dedicated to hating on someone else’s style or busting flows about how dope they are at busting flows.. Kinda cool in that its sort of a post modern approach to song writing, addressing the art itself… but that would be like me singing about how dope i am on a synth. Which I think would be hardly inspiring. And I know its different, as the appeal of these kinds of songs is that they reflect a certain lifestyle, like being Punk Rock or Hip Hop. So I’m not really hating on the lifestyle or anything. Just the preachy songs that basically say, “i’m dope, you suck” or “i’m punk, you’re not” bs. Or there’s always “I’m dope, and he’s dope too, but that other guy’s not as dope as us…” anyways, you catch my drift.

I’ve chosen this medium to be a hater, not a song. So don’t worry, HST sure as hell wont be writing a song about it all any time soon… well… hmmm.. now that i think about it, i’m starting to get ideas.. haha

Anyways, I usually skip over those kinds of songs, unless the instrumentation is especially good. (Usually its not). I personally find little value for myself in these songs in terms of what i look for in music, like lyrics that inspire on a more spiritual/wonderous level i suppose. (And yeah, I guess I’m a damn hippie like that sometimes when i’m not eating a cheese pizza or a quesadilla with real cheese from a cow. Sorry vegans, but cheese is just too good for me to give up. And I think that goes for all of us here in HST…. But I digress…)

With all that being said, I’ve found one of the few exceptions to my philosophy on this.. KRS-One is hitting the nail on the head with this song that hates on all the artists out there using vocoders. I heard Jay Z put a song out there too about it all too, but i don’t listen to Jay Z. I do however like KRS-One a lot. He even mentions Kraftwerk in this song. Which is pretty dope… nuff said, watch:

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