The Weather Report (KSPC); playlist 7.06.09

The Weather Report
Hosted by weatherman Dusty Clouds
Mondays 8-10pm
KSPC 887fm Claremont

Here is the playlist from last night’s show. I also had good friends, The Press Fire! in the basement playing a couple live sets. Their record release is this friday at Bow And Sparrow.

Jesus Lizard // Mouthbreaker // Bang // Touch And Go
Crystal Antlers // Tentacles // Tentacles // Touch And Go
Les Savy Fav // Abduction // Go Forth // French Kiss
Fugazi // Dear Justice Letter // Steady Diet Of Nothing // Dischord
The Vox Jaguars // Swagger // st // Anodyne
Starfucker // Biggie Smalls // Jupiter // Badman
Arab On Radar // Birth Control Blues // Yahweh Or The Highway // Skin Graft
Kill Me Tomorrow // Xerox My Hand // The Garbageman And The Prostitute // GSL
Chikara // The Great Taming Force // The Beautiful Mothers //
Sonic Youth // Protect Me Protect You // Confusin Is Sex // SST
Black Dice // Glazin // REPO // Paw Tracks
Blonde Redhead // Symphony Of Treble // Fake Can Be Just As Good // Touch And Go
Hella // ? // 5rc
Can // Vitamin C // Ege Bamyasi // Spoon
Unwound // December // Leaves Turn Inside You // KRS
Chromatics // Ice Hatchets // Plaster Hounds // GSL
The Locust // One Decent Leg… // Safety Second Body Last // Ipecac
Sunset Rubdown // You Go On Ahead // Drajon Slayer // Jagjaguwar
Yo La Tengo // Tears Are In Your Eyes // And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out // Matador
Cave // Made In Malasia // Psychic Psummer // Important
Animal Collective // Summertime Clothes // Merriweather Post Pavilion // Domino


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