This Sunday @ The Smell // New album in the works

We’re very excited to be playing this Sunday at the Smell with some rad fellows indeed. We’ll be trying out some of our latest creations due to appear in some form on the next album, which we are currently piecing together.

Captain Ahab
Halloween Swim Team

Sunday June 21
The Smell
247 S. Main St
Los Angeles, Ca

In regards to the new material, i can say right now that we’re going about the production a little differently than the last album. How so? Well, with regards to the actual production, i think we’ll be going for more of a live sound, experimenting with the reverb of certain rooms/rooftops/tunnels etc, and miking our amps in these places rather than just plugging in our synths direct, which was the way we recorded most of the last album.

Thematically, this next one will be based around more of an overall concept. One that is still taking shape but deals with more of a futuristic dystopian theme and a certain… uh, hero, i guess. To name a few, I’ve been looking to Phillip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Anton Wilson’s works for lyrical inspiration. Jon seems to be renting a lot of 70’s zombie movies, and Scott still likes Metallica, Jeremy Enigk and Cheese Nips. -dk


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