Review on – we eyed these via the friends list on Alien Soundtracks MS page and just loved the name and well – hell – thought we’d take a peak. Halloween Swim Team are a LA based trio who to date have snuffled up their collective jumpers a full length in the shape in of ‘the end of sky’ via the Modern Sleaze imprint which after hearing the cuts currently showcased on their MS player we are much of the mind that it’s a set we need to hear sooner rather than later. A curious blend of minimalist electronics and mutant dance collages whose obvious affinity lies first and foremost with current trendsetters Ladytron and Health, though scratch a little deeper and the frost dripped synth chimes and amorphous sheen of austerely applied sparse electro pop calibrations reveal something of a mindset shared with the likes of Modern Eon and Dalek I Love You – especially on ‘the magick song – not to mention the vaguely subtle intones of early career B-52’s especially viewed best on ‘country first’ wherein the strangely monochromatic edginess and sense of underlying menace harks back to the darker elements of Landscape’s skewed pop vocabulary. Best moment of the set is ‘inside out TV’ – an infectious slab of shimmering strut looped casio wiring coolness that superbly ruptures from moments of cosmic lulls to panic shrilled animation. Classy – certainly ones to watch all you Devo dudes.


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