HST in Mexico

So while everyone else in the world went to SXSW, we took a little trip to Mexicali on Saturday night for a show with Mock Duck, The Ascenders, Noise Beat Propaganda, Ambar and Sonrisa Vertical. Our first time playing in Mexico. It was quite an experience. We met some very nice people out there. We went out there with Clay (Mock Duck), Clay and Pepper from The Press Fire, who were supposed to play but ended up not being able to due to other band members unable to make it. The PA that the venue had wasn’t exacty bumpin’ so our beats didn’t really hit that hard, the way we like them to. (Just one of the many struggles we deal with as a result of using synthetic drum beats instead of a live drummer.. but it keeps it exciting i guess) Usually we come prepared with our own backup PA equipment, but we couldn’t really take too much across the border this time. Still, the night was a lot of fun, and people seemed to dig us anyways. Surprisingly, border patrol didn’t hassle us when we walked back across the border to our motel at 4:30 in the morning. Here are some pictures from our set at Berlin 77. Thanks to everyone who played and helped us out.


One response to “HST in Mexico

  1. i remember thay day.. pretty cool..PA totally sucked but we really enjoyed all the bands.. thanks for coming out to mex.. for sure we will share other show phuckers!..

    pasheko-noisebeatprops bassplayer..

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