obamanation abomination

yesterday after i left pomona city hall after paying a parking ticket, i spotted a new (i think its new, maybe its always been there and i never noticed it. definitely a possible possibility.) thrift store. having plenty of time on my hands to kill i decided to go into the thrift store to see if there were any hidden treasures to comeuppance. after browsing the store i decided to leave, nothing special here (a thrift store needs time to ripen(maybe this is proof of the thrift store being a new one).). before leaving i per happenstance glance  over the counter towards the back wall and i noticed one of the most accessible comics i have seen in years. it nearly brought me to further interest.


savage dragon is giving daps to barack obama (is savage dragon black(or at least half black(the minimum requirement for giving daps?)(let me check…there is a bible length wikipedia entry about savage dragon, apparently he is an amnesiac.)?). this is amazing to me no wonder he won the presidency he got the comic readers vote.  it doesnt stop there as far as the far fetched. he hops from the image universe to the marvel universe (earth-616 i think) and to many other comic book universes. barack obama teams up with spider-man in the amazing spider-man #583. we are indeed in a historic moment in history. this marks the first time in US history that, “the character of a future president had been shown on a comic book cover,” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiderman_obama_comic) ever.

i didnt buy the comic.



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