Mr. Pink

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that Steve Buscemi has a twitter account. You should follow him. Not just because he’s a great actor. But because he actually seems like a really cool guy with great taste. And get this, according to a recent tweet, he’s a fan of Halloween Swim Team.


It appears that he started his account only a couple days ago and at this moment has 744 followers. This puts him only 311,459 behind hip hop icon Shaquille O’neal (see Shaq Fu) who has 312,203 followers at this moment to be exact.

We were pretty excited to learn that such a great actor was a fan of our music and we were talking about how rad the guy is. Seriously couldn’t think of anything he’s done that wasn’t good. He’s just a great artist.

If you wanna follow Mr. Pink, here’s the page:

To follow us:

And for the latest on Shaq’s next album:


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