The Celebrity Life

in what is probably the least recent and least important of news. Vivica A. Fox, as seen in the Halloween Swim Team blog, booty call, and the citizens business bank arena, has had her purse stolen at a fictional basketball match between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals (comments won’t be made about how fun it is that washington was a general) at the Citizens (i’m not sure if i should put an apostrophe in between the “n” and the “s” let me check on the internet…okay, i checked the website 5 and it looks like there is no apostrophe, which could potentially be good or bad or both.)

on a less philosophical note, several celebrities were seen at the recent Thurston Moore concert at the smell. the guest list included Randy “Randolph” Randall from the indie rock duo No Age. Zacarías “of the rocha” de la Rocha of the indie rock duo Rage Against the Machine. Vincent “vinny badabingalingaweredaweedatdingdong” Gallo of indie rock duo Buffalo ’66. And the list goes on just to end right there. it was a wild night of noise, with Thurston arguing, with his fingers, the fact that he was playing a guitar, with his fingers (no one could deny that he was on stage for a while then got off stage).

*computer generated photo of thurston showing vincent, randy, and zack a growth he recently had removed.



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