we are tourists by day

in between our shows in Palm Springs and San Diego this weekend, thanks to our good bud Cris Cichocki we had the opportunity to sight see some spots never before seen (by our eyes at least).

first he took us to the Salton Sea, the largest inland body of water in California. it’s pretty big, and it’s salty too, more salty than any ocean, and it gets saltier every year.
the beaches are littered with dead fish (tilapia) and instead of sand the beach features broken down fish bones:) i s’pose as the sea becomes more and more salty, the fish have a harder time breathing and living?
Cris also introduced us to Salvation Mountain.
Salvation Mountain
it is a pseudo mini-mount near the Salton Sea that is hollow, made of adobe, straw, and ‘millions’ of gallons of paint. i think it’s a Christian site, but it’s creator, Leonard Knight (who resides there) had the intention for it to appeal to followers of all faiths. it’s very colorful and fun to explore all of it’s inner workings. I felt like I was at a large playground.
we made a new kitty-friend while there.
HST would like to thank Mr. Cichocki for taking such good care of us during our stay in the lovely Coachella Valley and helping to make it as memorable as possible.


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