HST Propaganda


Since taking office, Obama has failed to address issues regarding feline rights to fly keyboards aimlessly across the universe! It has now been a month since our dear cat friend, Pachuki appeared out of thin air to explore the vast everending skies. However, she is now stuck here at home awaiting permission to once again take flight. Since landing on earth, her rights to explore have been deliberately ignored by our world leaders. Why…? I ask you… What are they hiding? We must ACT NOW to create awareness about this growing threat to animal’s explorations and multidimensional discovery.

Hundreds of Pachuki’s flying on synthesizers have finally landed and are seeking human navigators to show them the world and press the issue. They fly in the form of an obnoxiously large, 2 inch wide button. These flying cats are sure to grab the attention of our dear masonic shape shifting leaders. A swarm of flying Pachukis will force them to address our concerns. Please do your part and grab a button to press this issue at any upcoming Halloween Swim Team show or you can order them here at our virtual store.


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