Q’you! (an introduction)

If you have been to any recent Halloween Swim Team shows, you may have heard either Jon or myself shout a peculiar word in our frenzied fit of excitement upon finishing a song. The word is: Q’you! (sounds like saying the letter Q)

This is the first in an everlasting series regarding Q’you, its history, its future and the laws that govern its usage. As a first rule of thumb that I have just made up, Q’you! must always be typed in either bold or italics when possible, or with an exclamation mark, or all three… unless, it doesnt look good or you just don’t feel like it.

To understand the sacred Law of Q’you!, one must first come to understand what i assume will be the all too over debated: Birth of Q’you! …

I first learned about Q’you in the blistering summer of 2006.. (Actually I have absolutely no idea about the year or season, but until I find out when, lets just go with Summer ’06. Sounds far back enough to warrant the diluted mystic aura that Q’you has surrounded itself with over the last couple years). Anyways, I was in Sean Pineda’s garage in the Riverside area. (Sean now plays drums for American Gil & The Major Dudes) We once had a band together called Holy Curtain and were in his garage that day for band practice. During a break, Sean was playing a song on his acoustic guitar and when he finished, I heard him say the word that would rewrite history forever. By now you should know that the word he said was Q’you!

Obviously, at the time, we didn’t know how it was spelled. But after the numerous texts and emails containing various spellings of Q’you, I think we have since arrived at the official spelling arrangement now used.


Anyways, after he first said the word, Sean explained to me that Q’you is the abbreviated pronunciation of “thank you” as belted out by English rockstars at the end of performing a song. It is now commonly understood in the Circle of Q’you that in the heat of exhaustion from performing, the English rockstar, typically drained and fatigued from belting out emotional lyrics at various volumes and pitches to a crowd of thousands, manages still to expel the last bit of oxygen remaining in his lungs to thank his audience with a spastic, “Q’you!”

And so, Q’you! had entered our collective vocabulary. And thus were established Variations on Q’you!

Q’you! = Thank you!
Q’you! = F**k you!

Q’you can also be used in combination with other words for alternate meanings. Here are a couple.

No, Q’you! = No, thank you!
No, Q’you! = No, f**k you!

I think this is enough for now.

Welcome to the Circle of Q’you. I hope this introduction has given you sufficient knowledge with which to spread The Love of Q’you. The circle is always expanding but is dependent on the creativity of those who choose to follow or change the Laws Of Q’you! I urge all interested parties to contact us, your noble Halloween Swim Team with your accounts of Adventures with Q’you.

Q’you all very much,


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